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Spaceweather from 2 weeks ago

Spaceweather from 2 weeks ago -

Forgive my geekliness. Coronal holes are a normal part of our star's surface environment and need not be a concern unless there's a massive flare released in our direction.

We're currently in a solar maximum cycle, but flaring and CME's have been beyond minimal. This leads to an atmospheric collapse and an exacerbation of whatever weather patterns are occurring on the surface of Earth. Al Gore and some other nimrods would have you believe that these climate extremes are caused by human activity. They're not. It's just how our planet breathes and evolves as we move through space.

What's of rather more importance is this -

We're currently experiencing the effects of a Chandler Wobble on our axis. Again, this is normal, but it does have some rather dramatic effects such as what we see in the formerly tropical and green Sahara Desert where whale fossils have been found.