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Again I agree

Except perhaps the part where you say "(their religious law)". Are you saying that the Sabbath was "their" religious law or are you saying that He rejected their laws concerning the Sabbath?

The Lord's Sabbath is His Law not theirs and Messiah at no time "Broke" His Sabbath. He did however reject their traditions. "Wherefore you forsake the Laws of Yahweh for the traditions of men." That was the whole point of Messiahs existence, to free people from the man made laws and their perceived right to condemn others concerning His Law and return them to the Light of His Law so that through repentance we could receive forgiveness of "sin", (the transgression of the Law) and eternal salvation.

Anyway, I would go even further than what you pointed out because Yahshua said: "Before Abraham was, I AM." "I AM" fully indicated that He was GOD Himself and not merely a fleshly son." This is hard to understand without a better understanding of biblical Hebrew and the meaning that Hebrew words have. But that's another discussion.

Reza Aslan apparently has no clue what he is talking about and for some reason he doesn't want to reveal his motivation for writing his book.