Comment: Levin = Fraud

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Levin = Fraud

Same is true for Savage, Beck, Medved, Gallagher, and all the rest. And yes Jerry Doyle is also a fraud. If you doubt me do a little homework and look up the interview he did with Donald Rumsfeld last year where he licked his boots and challenged him not once on any issue. Also remember that Doyle was given a prime time slot with some 600 affiliates just before the election and guess what? He promptly endorsed Mitt Romney for president! Very simple. Every one of these guys is a double talking fraud shill for the republican establishment power structure. Every one of them is a shameless panderer. Not one of them cares two figs for the Constitution or the Republic, but only for their own "success" and the promotion of the republican establishment.

Levin writes books with titles like "Liberty and Tyranny" then goes all in to support the patriot act as long as the republicans run the show. Then when the democrat party holds power he gets very concerned about government overreach and the grave threat to liberty the patriot act poses. Pathetic. This guy is a neocon imperialist police state cheerleader. He despises liberty.

Every one of these cons (with the exception of Doyle) roundly attacked Ron Paul during his campaign and did everything they could to sabotage the truly conservative grass roots movement he was forming. They are all Israel firsters, all mouth pieces for the military industrial complex.

I'll make a prophecy for you: Every one of them will again entreat you to the "lesser of two evils" Hobson's choice come the next election cycle. They all supported McCain in 08' and then Romney in 12'. They will do the exact same thing again. They will promote the hack establishment fascist candidate and denigrate and smear any third party or non establishment candidate, no matter how good that candidate may be on the issues that these liars supposedly hold near and dear.

The sooner people wise up to the con and stop listening to them the sooner sincere constitutionalists and conservatives may take their places, the sooner the republican establishment can go out of business and perhaps the sooner the liberty ideology could be reintroduced to the world.