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Harper's Ferry


Here is but one example from 1863:
The Army of Northern Virginia knocked off the Harper's Ferry armory in West Virginia on their way to invade the north as part of what ultimately became the Gettysburg campaign. When union troops arrived in Gettysburg to give battle to the ANV, they found themselves with weapons that were older and less effective than the new ones seized by the ANV from Harper's Ferry.

Another story is from the war for independence where patriots seized the guns at Ticonderoga and used them to drive the British army out of Boston.

Anybody who makes the argument that rebellion can't succeed because the government is unbeatable due to their superior weapons has no actual knowledge of history. Not even just our own history....

How did Spartacus and the revolting slaves arm themselves against the ancient Rome of 70BC? They stole the weapons from the Romans, of course!