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Interesting Point

I noticed about 5 years ago, there was a discussion - basically someone on radio or PJ Media, or something, explained that the 'base' was really really worried about muslims and that the mainstream media was bad for ignoring this concern.

But then, if you read PJ Media, or listen to neocon radio, you sort of get the impression that they are creating the concern.

In fact, I suspect the concern originated in the government churches (large bible belt conferences where pastors are paid by oil companies to shill for certain political points of view).

From there, the alternicon media responded, but then surely must also have been juiced up by the big money.

Anyway, there's clearly an air of fabricated outrage here. I'm sure the folks are ginuinely scared of the mooslim threat, but I'm also sure that they're probably pretty ignorant.

It's what give Beck away, though, as a shill, aware or not. It's like when liberals talk about the Koch brothers. Good lord, if only they were the true, deep, secret cause of all of our troubles.