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Comment: Well of course WE knew...

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Well of course WE knew...

...But a lot of others who may not have been aware, ARE becoming aware now!

For us who have been "in the know", it is not something shocking.

But we should use this to our advantage and keep a light on it for others who were never really "in the know".

This can open up other truths to be evident to these same people who may have not known these shenanigans were happening. It makes them question their gov.

That is healthy.

So, although us diligent and peaceful observers of the police state have known about this for quite some time, it hasn't been in the spotlight for all to see, as much as it is now. And the attention it is receiving is reaching those who really didn't know what was going on. This is good. And it is our duty to make sure more and more people understand this. To expose this. So that hopefully those same people who had no idea of these shenanigans, MAY start to question other actions of their government. For that, is why I give it attention...

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