Comment: I hope, she hasn't been

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I hope, she hasn't been

imprisoned as an enemy combatant under the unPatriot Act, much like what happened to Susan Lindauer when she tried to speak out about 'their' pre-knowledge of 9/11 and their unwavering determination to conquer Iraq. With the Trotskyite Neocoms creation of Bolshevik styled laws, there's no telling what may have happened to her. Here, is the latest piece I found on her, where amazingly the reporter who works for a NBC international affiliate, says that MSM is controlled by the same Cartel she is trying to expose. I might also mention, they were also the same Cartel who backed the Bolsheviks Revolution creating Soviet Russia. People, don't be misdirected by the over hyped Nazi comparison propaganda, as they were wiped out, but the Bolsheviks live on through various factions, such as the Neocoms in America.