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1) I don't have all the details about their black listing. They were scheduled as an opening act, they were just starting to make it BIG, and I was told by the venue, to not look at booking them for future events or prepare my attorneys for a battle that not only would I lose, but would cost me. I have no idea what the issue was with them, I personally felt it was a huge loss of talent for the industry.

(In booking, because of the drug culture known of my fan base, I was forced to sign releases to get bookings, and make contracts with venue security, local police, sheriffs of the area. The venus had more obligations than I did.)

2). I had four attorneys working with me on productions (actually more than that, but my contracts were with four firms for different areas of law). When I decided to take an Entertainment legal course so I could get a grip on the legal side of the business, which was massive, I learned that INTERNATIONAL LAW is where it is at. So that changed up my course, where unless a firm dealt with international entertainment law, I was losing money.. the British invasion happened because international entertainment law was way ahead of Americans.. so America had British bands flooding into the states and American bands suffered as the British attorneys were more astute and powerful than Americans.. and recording contractors were hiring British attorneys, producers, and bands because internationsl entertainment law is where the money is. Most Americans were stuck on talent. "Gee look at that guys licks".. I don't give a damn how grat a guys licks are. How great his attorney is is how he gets gigs and paid (beyond the bar sceen).

3). I had to sign forms with the Venue, that I would co-operate with their security, with the local police or Sheriff's that I would co-operate with the forces.. especially when the acts drew thousands of people.

So I understood, that if any force came to the event, I was not going to tell them, NO YOU CAN'T COME IN. NO YOU CAN'T GO BACK STAGE. NO YOU CAN'T arrest whoever the hell you please.

The show must go on. And it did. And by the way, I also hired my own security.