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I didn't imply. I stated it as a fact!

Snowden supporters do hate America and why they are cheering Russia, which became increased military tension recently with America.

After all MY advice to build coalations? WHAT?

I don't give any advice to build coaltions or collectives.

I believe as individuals we do what we can taking responsibilty to restore the republic based on the laws according to each state.

I have a liberty committee. This is not a coalation. This is a political party of elected and appointed individuals who have many different interests we all don't agree, but one thing, The Cnstitution needs to be enforced and restored. No one tells me, and I don't tell anyone what to do or how to do it. We debate, we vote, not as a coalation, but as representatives of the districts who elected us.

As for the Neocon insult.. while I did not vote for Bush or support Bush's agenda AT ALL.. the political terms have changed on Wiki.. Ron Paul is a Neoliberal/conservative. Becuase I support Israel, and for that FACT only, I would now be properly defined as a Neocon.

I am a Zionist. I do not apologize for that, if anything I apologize for not understanding and respecting Israel's determination for SOVREIGNITY over global government.