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Comment: It's interesting stuff.

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It's interesting stuff.

(This was meant to be a response to garnet a few posts down.)

Both of my mom's parents could trace some of their lineage back hundreds of years. If your family came to the New World early you'd be surprised by some of your relatives or people they had contact with because of the small population.

There's evidence that my mom's father is related to Walter Raleigh. In fact, the spear-side of his ancestry commonly had the name Raleigh going back centuries, my grandfather, Raleigh Jones, being no exception.

On my mom's mother's side they kept very detailed records and my aunt still has them. They tell me George Washington surveyed a large tract for them when he was very young and—I'm almost ashamed to admit this here—that we are related to Lincoln (barely, though ... it was, like, a cousin of ours married a cousin of his or some shit).

I also found out that one of my best-friends is very closely related to me. We were friends for 15 years before I found that out.

Like I said, it's interesting stuff.

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