Comment: NO DOUBT this next presidential election will be amazing.

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NO DOUBT this next presidential election will be amazing.

It is my greatest hope for 2016 that the thousands of people that are liberty minded and have joined the Republican Party in the last 5-10 years can come together with all those just about there-almost-converted neo-cons that are the swaying vote in the fading hawkish, RINO Republican party and pull the majority.

Rand Paul, like his father, will be the only candidate to offer a different solution other than further intermeddling when it comes to foreign policy. He will vehemently push for the prohibition of predator drones flying over our heads as his 14 hour filibuster showed. He will advocate for auditing the Fed, and then hopefully afterwards, use the public shock at what a horrible idea it was in the first place to finally end it. Though he recently publicly stated he wasn't done with the drug war yet, he has pushed for legalization of industrial hemp, evidently one of the most useful fibers on the planet. He has authored and pushed for these bills and everybody knows it.

Even though he has been a little 'vanilla' on the issues, as we are used to a more "extreme, fringy, dannnngerous" public persona than can and will never be replicated, not even by his own son, Dr. Ron Paul; we HAVE to do everything we can to support him and help him rise to the top and make the REAL change we want in our country. The change we got last time was surface-level. Shallow. It's the old way, of war and of endless profits. The old way of buying cars and houses on credit cards to show your friends (and especially enemies) how good you're doing. We the American people are tired of the old ways, and we are ready to live in our truth. We want to keep our earnings and have peace in the world! RAND PAUL FOR PRESIDENT. And if he makes his dad Treasury Secretary... I will die.

For Freedom!