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I posted this..

because it is a freedom issue. I dont see that kid screaming the N word or doing this out of spite. He's just a white kid that is proud of his heritage.

I suppose the race card does bother me from time to time. I am very proud of my past. My family has served America and dates back to colonial times. Am I not supposed to be proud of that? If I am do people consider me a bigot for it? I certainly hope not.

The responses from the two girls were typical. Devoid of any fact but they presume something negative. What a damn shame.

In my generation, our family has racially mixed kids. My nephews are mixed with Asia. (dont want to reveal to much about children) and if I have any kids with my girlfriend, they will be mixed white and black. I keep telling my girl that is how we help bridge the divide. Mixed babies are almost always exotic and beautiful. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul