Comment: Specific or ambiguous?

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Specific or ambiguous?

If the definition of rights is along the lines of Natural Physical Facts to be measured as they exist, then rights could be measured up as that which produces, reproduces, ensures, preserves, secures, and protects human life.

If the definition of rights is just another fraud perpetrated by liars, then rights mean only what the liar can convince the victims to believe.

A liar can convince the targeted victims, for example, that it is the liars right to find ways to make the victims believe that sending all their power to the liars is the way to secure their rights.

Fraud, extortion, robbery, slavery, rape, torture, murder, and mass murder made legal is a species killer, and it goes by such false names as Might Makes Right.

If that is right then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale to the highest bidder.