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It´s a fact that

many Nazis were incorporated into the US and given asylum there after the war.

The people who funded the Nazis are still the same today... check up on who funded them.

Only thing that is preposterous are ignoring those facts.

If you funded the Nazi, you are freaking Nazi, end of story. Nothing hard to grasp about that concept. That is not even a secret anymore, check out Operation Paperclip.

Does it matter if they are Nazi or other evil doers ? It´s just a label, so, not really.. Nazi only means National socialist arbeider partei. It´s actually nsdap, in case I remember ans spell correct, which I doubt. It´s just a label for an agenda, they are socialists who love their country. They hate free people and free enterprise. They made sure the opposition be kept quiet.
Obviously it did not work out well for them.

But they are still Nazis, and that is their achievement goal. It´s just as bad.