Comment: I have to give General Alexander some respect here...

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I have to give General Alexander some respect here...

He is attempting to initiate an honest dialog, one he states that he believes needs to occur. I think its notable that he isn't speaking to a normal audience here, or making a general MSM press statement. He is speaking to the kind of people that make it possible for the NSA do do what they do. People that would be very difficult for the General to bull shit.

I also think its important to note that same people are more like you and I than some of the other commenters think. I guarantee you that most people in that room, the so called nerds, are people that literally have made it possible for us to secure our own communications. Many of these people are probably intimately responsible for many of the great technologies we enjoy today. And most of them are staunch advocates and for security, privacy, and open source software. And I think my point is nicely accentuated by some of the comments made/shouted.

I can speak to this because I am not that far removed from these so called 'nerds' being a 'nerd' software developer myself.

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