Comment: I gave you the benefit of the doubt

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I gave you the benefit of the doubt

By categorizing it as an "implication." Thanks for making yourself clear.

Now, have you forgotten how many times you've said we should work WITHIN the GOP, in order to grow the liberty movement by educating people there? If that's not building coalitions, what is? Maybe it's not the terminology you used, but it's how I understood it. If you saying that that's the best way to do things isn't "advice," then neither is Rands Iceland comment.

I'm not going into your Zionism debate. My comment had nothing to do with that... it was directed at your statement of "fact" that anyone who disagrees with your view of Snowden "HATES AMERICA."

That's a pretty ridiculous thing to say. One could (rightly) argue that they support Snowden because they want to see this country restored to what our founders envisioned, and to do so, people need to know what's happening behind the scenes. That REQUIRES people like Snowden. Our founders said it was the duty of EVERY patriot to expose those things. That's not the motives of someone who hates this country. Quite the opposite. YOUR way is not the only way of doing things. Just because someone chooses a different method, doesn't mean they have a different motive.

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