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In my city

you have to fill out a form with your ID to purchase ammo. They know how much I have purchased in the city limits.

They say they use the information to track back the ammo to a specific purchase if there was a crime. So if there is brass left at a crime scene they check the database to see who has purchased that brand of ammo in the city and cross reference that with all known felons.

Apparently it has been working but once the bad guys figure out they can drive out of the city buy ammo and not be tracked then well it's worthless and it only tracks normal ammo sells. Makes you wonder what the info will be used for.

But I digress, I have no doubt they are tracking ammo sells online even if the website is not a willing participant. Heck they don't even need to use NSA spying, credit card companies will willingly give that information to them. Anytime you're info is given to a 3rd party I'm confident is't exposed to the government database.