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he was punished not because of what he said - he's being punished for unauthorized use of police department property (the guns).

Also, according to Pennsylvania law, police officers are on duty 24/7, uniform or not.

Apparently the borough council is being bombarded with complaints by leftist anti-gun folks, and the insurance company which insures the department threatened to pull their coverage unless they punished him. They succumbed to the pressure.

Also, there's an unconfirmed report a dozen PA troopers were sent to the meeting site where Chief Kessler's demise was being decided upon, to deal with any civil unrest which might occur. Several of Kessler's Constitutional Security Force members were there, armed, as well. Some jackass provacateur lit off a bunch of fire crackers which could've started a gun fight. Luckily all who were present weren't trigger happy.

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