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Now that I think about it...

...I wouldn't use Ubuntu.

Ubuntu has become the most popular Linux distro because they've been willing to use closed-source software to make their distro a bit more convenient. See, distros like Fedora won't include closed-source technologies at all, which means no MP3 codec or the ability to play much of the video formats (don't worry ... you can EASILY add the ability to hear and see anything on Fedora. If you choose to install Fedora, give me a holler and I'll assist you).

Ubuntu very well may be the most popular distro because TPTB wanted it that way.

If you install Fedora, go with the next to the latest version and it will be quite stable. Always stay one version behind the latest if you don't know what you're doing. Other than a couple easy to remedy "problems" Fedora is as easy to install and operate as Ubuntu. And Windows, for that matter.

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