Comment: Our concept of "rights" come

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Our concept of "rights" come

Our concept of "rights" come from the same place as your religeon does: The human mind. One key differance is that the idea of "natural rights" come from human reason and simple logic; religeon comes from human imagination and emotion. One is birthed of a simple logical construct dirived from: "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you," (i.e. we all want certain freedoms and recognise that the only way some of us can get them and live in peace, is for all of us to have them.) the other is birthed of fear and an asnine hope in impossible things to help opiate people into believing that everything will be okay once they die, dispite how crappy it is now. Its the acceptance of earthly defeat in the hope of post-mordem paradise.

Natural rights are my choosen philosophy because they make logical sense as a way to coexist with other humans in society. I hold no illusions that they can't be stripped away however. While there is no guarantee you have them, and they are certainly no insurance against tyranny, they can never truly be killed because they are just an idea, and nothing more. For them to cease to exist, you'd have to erradicate everyone who knows about them. Even then, someone could just discover them again much in the same way the first primate figured out that 2+2=4.

However knowning about them won't help you one bit unless the number of people willing to kill for them can overpower those who are willing to kill to stop them.

In the end, you only have those rights you can keep through threat or application of force against those who would take them from you. Even if we win the political battle it won't matter if the collectivists still have a sufficient number of delusional thugs willing to pull the trigger for them in order to take our rights away by force. As we can all see, law is meaningless to the lawless, so we won't win the battle by citing law. We have to possess the abilty to kill our enemies if we want any hope of not having too. That's the only way we have "rights" instead of simply good ideas.