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Piers Morgan video

Piers doesn't get it. He's either typically stupid here, or worse chooses not to get it. The only debate in the video was half of it, and the lesser half at that. Piers is concerned about the number and qualifications of analysts. He's also concerned about national security. Those issues are worthless, and frankly those are the only issues that most the folks in DC want to keep as the extent of the debate. When all is said and done, it doesn't really matter how many analysts pore through our data, nor does it matter their specific qualifications. It doesn't matter if there are thousands of analysts, just a roomful, or even none but an automated system. Nor does it matter if they are judges or janitors. What matters is that they are building massive lifespan records of everyone's digital information from keystrokes to conversations, financial transactions and medical records to DNA. Analysts who might one day pore through it will come and go, many or few, good or bad, angels and devils. The more recent revelations increasingly show just how massive and detailed these databases are, how complete they've become. The likes of Piers Morgan effectively spiral us off onto tangential issues of how to hire more reliable analysts. I don't know about you, but that is not my concern. Neither is "national security" my foremost concern. My concern is personal security. That was also Snowden's concern in leaking what he did. Glenn Greenwald sort of dropped the ball on this interview and failed to pull Piers back on track. Perhaps though, he sacrificed that for sitting back and doing what I did, enjoyed letting James Risen speak as Risen did have some worthy things to say, despite what he said being directly aimed at addressing the narrow band of issues presented by Morgan.

The issue isn't about whether some irresponsible analyst splashes my private life into public view. Its also not about security from foreign or terrorist threat. It's about the surveillance power being placed in the hands of someone like Lindsay Graham or Karl Rove. Someone who would like to purge the Republican Party of libertarian scum, someone who might pore through my life's records to find that I am one of those libertarian scumbags who is also a Republican Party delegate, someone who would search to find if I had any unpaid fines for traffic or parking violations, someone who might have the cops come to my door and serve an arrest warrant to me early on the day of the convention. Sure, that's a mighty hypothetical scenario, one of a million anyone could dream up on the spot, but therein lies the rub, how could we not go insane thinking way too much crap like that with what we really know about political power and those that already have enjoyed and abused it.