Comment: Policy change.

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Policy change.

The good general and the entire intelligence complex respond to policy set by legislation and executive interpretation of such laws. They do not make the priorities, they just do the best they can in providing intelligence inherent in the fulfillment of policy. Lamenting the results does not change them. Bringing those results into public domain is apparently able to. Continual public drumbeat for constitutional adherence is now audible. The disclosure of flawed yet implemented paths that are contrary to founding principles is reverberating loudly. Innumerable swaths of US citizens' private communications and their external identifiers shout for explanation. Half the congress is up in arms concerning this, and are listening to constituents. As policy is painstakingly adjusted toward a truer adherence to constitutional norms, The Intel structure, DoD, NSA, Ciber Command and its commanding generals will follow. They are truly patriots and not conniving power grabbers. You'll find them in the dark power pools of industry, finance, and contracting, all outside the government, taking advantage what exists now, in cohort with their bought and paid for politicians and administrators. Disparage them, don't bad mouth the military, the general is sincere.