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It's not rocket science. The

It's not rocket science. The big words refer to specific bacterium.

In plain English what this means is that Monsanto - through Searle - is providing at least one commonly used drug (What's cited above is for Streptomycin, an antibiotic) to Big Pharma as well as dominating the global food supply. The coating on your ibuprofen? That contains GMO corn syrup. The sweetener in your kid's cough medicine? GMO corn syrup. Walk down the aisle of any grocery store and look at the ingredients - CORN SYRUP, MODIFIED VEGETABLE STARCH, MONODEXTRIN - THESE ARE ALL GMO's. They even put the shit in baby formula.

If Monsanto is doing this with such a commonly-used antibiotic, what other drugs are they giving to Big Pharma?