Comment: not really a comment to your comment but just a though

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not really a comment to your comment but just a though

Why are we told these people are ( OUR LEADERS ) on the news in newsprint magazines everywhere we are your leaders ... today leaders in government said blah blah blah - what what what ?

The president is NOT my leader. My representative in the house of representatives is NOT my leader . My senators in the senate are NOT my leaders. My governor is NOT my leader ( YOU HEAR THAT CHRISTIE ) and on and on and on . To anyone out there who THINKS they are my leader you are here by put on notice that you ARE NOT my leader. You people in government are my representatives ( get it ) you work for me you represent not me but the constitution ( you swore and oath to uphold and protect it remember ~ I guess you have to read it first )

When did I elect you to lead me anywhere ???

Therefore with this said PLEASE cease calling anyone anywhere in the scope of government my leader.

Thank You

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