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Wrap up

This is/was a weird thread, but there was something written below on which I wanted to comment. (I flatter myself that anyone actually reads my posts and might find them interesting, informative, or at least curious.) In any event, base1aransas "threw the BS flag" on me below. I have no intention to offer parenting advice---you may do as you wish. You may call my parenting BS. However, please read carefully base1aransas' post. The key operative phrase there is the following:

"I knew what they were and I knew they were OFF LIMITS."

My point is precisely that people like you, base1aransas, who were given toy guns, were not allowed to use real guns. My children have and use real guns routinely. They are being raised in a different manner than most other people. Under such circumstances, I have determined it's a bad idea to use toy guns. It takes a great deal of experience to develop muzzle awareness and safe firearms habits. And even when you have that you can get careless and screw up. Don't ask me how I know. In any case, there was no BS in my post precisely because guns are NOT OFF LIMITS to children in my household. As a result, toy guns are defacto off limits.

Or let's put it this way: You or others may think such an approach is BS, but you should note the crucial difference. Then ask yourself: Given the world we are bringing these kids up into, is it better for them to have toy guns or be responsible enough at an early age to handle real ones?