Comment: I am disturbed reading your comment, Granger!

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I am disturbed reading your comment, Granger!

Snowden a liberty chump?! Really?

Amash digging a hole? Seriously?

You and I agree on Israel's sovereignty but this kind of comment actually does make me question your logic, or your loyalty.

Please explain.

I understand you believe in taking back the GOP, and I am on board with that, don't know how you think we do that without cutting against the grain. That grain, BTW, is the problem, not our ally. But Congressman Amash is a major ally. He is propping himself (and liberty) up, not digging a hole down.

As for calling Snowden a chump? Why? I can understand if you think his revelations are actually "all part of the plan", as disclosure and normalization of the surveillance state. But how is *he* the bad guy???

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?