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Snowden being a LIBERTY chump? Is that how you read what I wrote? I don't see anything about Snowden being FOR Liberty besides hearsay that he contributed to Ron Paul.. the only DETAIL is hearsay that he donated $500.00. When? He bought a dinner? What?

I don't believe Snowden is a CHUMP. I think very smart people get DUPED, by people with agendas.

Amash digging a hole? Yes. NSA ends very soon. He makes a bill, some line up for it, and then turn around and sign another that is completely opposite of his bill, and it passes. That's a HOLE to me. What is that to you, if it was YOU who wrote that bill?

Amash: proping himself up.. on what? Straw arguments?

I don't see Snowden as a, "bad guy". I see Greenwald as a bad guy who duped Snowden. Now Snowden is somewhere in Russia. Who knows what will happen to him? Anyone actually care? USA isn't going to save him IF he needs help. He's NOT in a good place, especially with US/Russia tentions building in the ME.