Comment: And I quote... you... "Snowden is a liberty movement chump."

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And I quote... you... "Snowden is a liberty movement chump."

Was that a typo? I read clearly.

Snowden, if he is for real (which he most likely is), is most definitely FOR liberty, as he has put his very life on the line to expose and oppose tyranny. How can you get this one wrong? It is NOT hard to see how he is supporting liberty.

As for Amash... I will quote you again... "NSA ends very soon."

What the fudge does that mean??! The NSA is going to end??? No, it isn't. The scandal isn't either. WTF are you talking about?!

So I guess Audit the Fed was a "hole" too? It didn't even get voted on in the senate. Aren't you the one advocating fighting within the system? Then we try and come very close to passing a much needed, liberty supporting Bill, and you oppose it.

Amash is doing his best, and he came very close. We are gaining momentum on this. Congress is split right down the middle. Amash just got brownie points for leadership and that will help his future influence. The closeness of the vote should let you know we are gaining support in congress on these issues.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?