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Thank You So Much

Thank you so much for you so very eloquent and passionate reply. Very well said. We are reaching critical mass and the American people are not only weary but sick and tired of being lied to, deceived and abused like animals. The masses are waking up and if there is another false flag attack similar to 911 they will know who did it, and I am quite sure masses of Americans will be in the streets protesting against this tyrannical govt.

However I have reason to hope that will never happen and martial law will not be imposed. The Ron Paul R3VOLution has produced a firestorm in this nation. We have educated "our" neocon hijacked Teaparty. We Paulites know a lot about subtly and we have produced a pretty educated mass movement through infiltration. Who would have thought that our original Teaparty in 2007 would have come this far? We have Ron Paul lawmakers in the Senate and House. Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. They are gaining respect and power daily and changing the entire agenda in Washington. Main stream media is paying attention. They love the drama and continually cheer on our Libertarian leaning Don Quijote Mavericks as David taking on the GOP Goliath.. Who could resist the call for limited govt, total transparency, sound money, non pre-emptive wars and liberty under the bill of rights??? After all Liberty is Popular.

Just today the Wall Street Journal published an article on Rep. Thomas Massie. It was so positive, down home and all American you would have thought his political action committee had written it. "Mr. Massie Goes To Washington." lol... With Ron Paul Legislators like Thomas Massie we do still have hope. Hope that includes the awakening of the amazing American people as is happening with the Teaparty Nation. We have come a long way. Perhaps soon we can say we educated a people who would allow no more cruel unnecessary wars and blood shed for greed, no more taxation without representation andno more Federal Reserve or income tax. We must continue to fight.. and we will win in the end. Good always wins in the end. Peace and Luv.