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did I mess something here.

You see Greenwald as a bad guy who duped Snowden?

Did Greenwald seek Snowden, or did Snowden go to several media sources and decided Greenwald was the journalist that he chose to break the story?

Your painting Snowden as a moron that had no idea about the impact of what he was about to expose could do. I only see Greenwald and the Guardian being very careful about what they have and how it is being released. I see him defending Snowden's integrity and patriotism on a constant daily basis.

Just what is Greenwalds agenda? He is a journalist. Who ever Snowden decided on to give this to would gain notoriety. It came with the territory. Do you ever ponder the risk that Greenwald is taking, or do you think Hastings death was a speeding accident?

I wonder why Greenwald always does interviews via satellite from Rio where he lives.