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To me

The threat America has been facing is merging into a global government, with global central banking, one money, one religion, limited healthcare, limited determination over your life, and subjected to AUTHORITY AUTHORITY AUTHORITY in spades.

I grew up in the military, and since I was a child, I remember looking out to the civilian world, past the barbed wire, chained linked fence, with armed military police, to where it appeared civilans had RIGHTS. We had no rights. I grew up with a military ID. It didn't matter what race, what religion, where you came from, ALL that mattered was RANK. Being I was a dependent, I had NO RANK.

I wanted out, and it seems, civilan life has become more like the military.

The Nam war ended when I was gratuating from HS. I saw there was a divide between those who served and were promoted before the war ended, and those who had been drafted and could not get in the military unless they had some inside pull to go to into officer training, college.. there were jobs that supported a family back then, but those started vanishing as "women rights" filed women into the work force because they could not depend on the husband to support the family. It wasn't anyONE's fault. The politicians blamed each other's party, but it was like we were marching, left, right, left, right to MORE AUTHORITY. The parties a voter might think would stand for something, were the ones who wound up, betraying their voters.. The War on Drugs smashed the boomer generation, gave way too much power to corporations and removed rights for individuals based on "felon" charges (though many never hurt anyone, they lost rights).. and it never receeded, it just kept advancing, left, right, left, right..

I watched America lose very important sources of economy and security, from the loss of the Panama Canal to 911, when things began to move very guickly. Anyone who worked to get Ron Paul the GOP nominations KNOWS about censorship. NSA isn't new. We have headlines that I wonder, "Why are these headlines?" People say, "Well now we KNOW".

But what good is knowledge if there is nothing you will, or can, do about it? What good is KNOWING you are in prison when you can't get out? Or, what good is knowing you are in prison but don't know how to get out?

Every presidential election has brought us less freedom and more security (enslavement).. terms have been changed.. NWO used to mean global government.. now NEO (which used to mean those for a global government has been changed.. Ron Paul is a NEOliberal and that means Austrian economics, and NEOcon means GOP "support" (I don't see it as support) for Israel.

As we have had the Patriot Acts, and massive government put on us, we have seen foreign troops now training in the USA, our wars against "Sovreign Arab based states" don't end. And America is merging under a UN Agenda (here in CA is can be passionately felt).

To achieve global government, Americans must be willing to give up on America. Hating America is a good reason to give up.

I read a lot about exposure, but very little about solutions, which Rand Paul is leading the way.. he is telling us how the government is going global by acting against the constitution.

MSM has always been a third rail of programming for the masses.

How many people here dropped facebook or were never on facebook and have posted tons of tips about the US government spying? Ebay, Google, the phone.. tapping phones is not new.. what is new is being done now without warrants (and I don't believe this is an accident.. what good is it to KNOW, you can do?).. and one thing that is not in the news is how our courts have become ALL POWERFUL AUTHORITY no one can challange unless they have some "inside".

So to me, the news Snowden released about NSA was not news. The fact Greenwald has been very outspoken about his hatred for America, why he moved to Rio, and works with global NSA (RT, Press TV, BBC.. these are all global UN sponcered propegandists.. and people here think and say.. WOW I CAN TRUST THEM and NOT USA news.) I don't trust them, anymore than I trust USA MSM.. it's ALL programming, and that programming is to prepare us for a global government.

We know, don't we?, that when the annoucement comes that the USA has merged into the UN, and the UN is THE AUTHORITY OVER ALL STATES.. the list of those who could be a threat, tea party, oath keepers, hoarders.. food weapons.. this is already out there.

In my own newspaper, people are already conceeding.. "If there is a NWO, I for one will be glad, because the world will be a wonderful place where we will all co-exist and live in peace forever! BRAVO TO THE NWO!" And shop GREEN!

So to me, I think Greenwald (with the help of UN/UK intel, found a guy like Snowden, encouraged him to, "spill the beans", Snowden delivered, he didn't have a plan.. this is obvious.. he was not well connected, but MSM has had a great time.. trying to get specific points about the case, I've spent hours googling and coming up with hundreds of millions of MSM articles (cover up), the searches are so time consuming, it becomes not worth it after hours.

Summery: this "Snowjob" was a set up to "wake Americans up" to how BAD America is, so Americans would be more willing to QUIT America. Only Rand is giving a counter argument, no one is offering solutions.

I learned as an activist, I could spend years making a case about polluted water, but if I did not have a SOLUTION, I got what the government wanted me to have, like "Signs to put on Storm Drains". Those signs were not a solution. They kept the pollution there, just warned people the water was polluted. This is much the same thing.. now you know for a fact NSA is collecting data (as they have for 50 years).. what is the solution?

Restore the Republic with Rand in the GOP, or go global as a Indy, marginalized third party?