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Evil morphs

My own limited studies, which this week have been focusing on Poland in respect for the Warsaw Uprising.. I think it's because the Jews in Poland had "caught on" to the holocast, (could have been through the Catholic Church, because Nazis were eliminating preists). but the Uprising, where the Jews burned their own homes rather than allow the Polish government to send them off the concentraion/death camps, and sell the homes for a fraction of the cost.. I think this had a lot to do with WWII, as all the counties, and this included the USA, came to understand, the Jews, even though they were unarmed, were going to fight.. and so, to clean up the evidense of the crimes, give reason for Jews to relocate to Israel, which was established to attract flies to be slaughtered there instead of Europe, which by this time was rich with Jewish blood.. I think the Germans dressing as Poles had more to do with capturing those who were escaping Poland, thinking they could trust one of their own officers, to help them out.