Comment: The Spigot admitted Russia is AUTHORITARIAN

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The Spigot admitted Russia is AUTHORITARIAN

Maybe you should listen to the vid again.. I had it running all morning.. enjoyed seeing The SPIGOT as the snarling little troll he is.

Snowden had NO IDEA he was going to be detained by USA in Russia, stuck at a friggin airport with no shower, no clean clothes, treated like a prisoner, and WHERE IS HE NOW? Who knows? Who cares? La la la la la he's a hero he's a hero LA la la la.. we don't care about snowden he has done his part. so we're done with him, don't care about him la la la la la.. hating America, is all we really get about this la la la la la blah blah balh ALL TOGETHER NOW AS A COLLECTIVE

Did you get to the part where Mitchell askes THE SPIGOT about homosexual rights in Russia, because there are NONE?