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As are you

Ron Paul served humanity by bringing freedom-loving people together in this forum, but we must be wary of who is behind these "leaders" who are trotted out to head a movement. We must always be vigilant and objective. To whom does Ron Paul show more allegiance -- to the Constitution or to the Austrian School? I submit he has more allegiance to the Austrian School than to the Constitution. Is he for tariffs? The Constitution is. Is he for Congress setting interest rates? The Constitution is. Does he make repeal of the 16th and 17th Amendments a priority? No, he makes replacing the Fed with a basketcase of currencies his priority. Does he make eliminating all personal income, sales, property, and estate taxes a priority? No, his priority is to keep tariffs at zero. It is no wonder that his biggest financial contributor is Bilderberg steering committee member Peter Thiel, who believes that libertarians should be relegated to floating islands. The Pauls serve their masters by herding us. Their masters are the same as Obama's and Boehner's. The Constitution does not have to be rewritten by an Austrian sponsored by the Rothschilds.