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I stand up to the status quo, not bow down to it

I actually like your moniker. I assumed by your defense of the 16th Amendment that you are on the payroll of Uncle Sam or an NGO. Perhaps, you have simply been brainwashed by NGOs like the rest of us have been all our lives. The 16th and 17th Amendments must be repealed. Anybody who defends them is an a**hole, to use your word. All personal income, sales, property, and estate taxes must be permanently abolished. The Founding Fathers intended that tariffs be the primary means of funding the federal government. Tariffs therefore need to be reinstated. The only 2 historical reasons for the imposition of the income tax was to pay for war (the Civil War) and to pay for tariff reductions. So, we must bring all the troops home and stop all foreign military entanglements. Then, the income tax can be eliminated without the need to replace it with another tax.