Comment: Honestly, NO I don't, and I'll tell you why

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Honestly, NO I don't, and I'll tell you why

I'm not going to say that I'm not influences by MSM, but I am going to say that I honestly don't know how much or why.

What I do know is that I own a car radio that has a grateful Dead tape from Winterland 1973 that I have been playing for 20 years (car is now 26). I rarely use my car.. if I want to ruin my day I get in my car.. the grateful dead tape helps. I don't listen to radio or TV.. I have animals and I listen.. many times I jusp off DP to go to some conflict.. have to deal with predators or animal issues.. so I am tuned into the farm, not the media. DP is ALL the media I get for the past 6 years.. I do research topics, last few months have been Israel.. but these are documentaries, movies, youtubes, web sites from localtions...

I get the paper.. comes once a week, has very little to do with USA or international news.. local politics.. and even that is limited.. I do get mail about it and email from council, supes, committees, NGOs, foundations.. but to me.. none of this is MSM.. DP is as MSM as I get.

Since I have been on the fringe, Libertarian 76 - 92, Indy 92 - 2011, and then GOP ONLY for Ron Paul.. I KNOW what CENSORSHIP is. I have NO DOUBT that MSM tell us what they want us to know.. every story is canned.

Here on DP we have been talking about government spying for years. So why this is NEWS to us is ummm I wonder, where the hell has everyone been? It was DP that warned me about Myspace and facebook and ebay and google.. cellphones and GPS, appliances, credit card RDIFs.. It was DP that educated me that we were tracked. If it came to pass that DP headlines were NSA SPIES on DP.. I would be like "Gee, I thought so." I'm not saying, "YEAH MAN THIS IS GREAT!".. It's a shame.. It's a shame that NSA and FISA and the Patriot Act is spending ALL this money to read The Granger or anyone else here. That said.. I KNOW, my life is no threat to Americans or USA security. I didn't vote for Obama, but he is my president because I am an American and I LOVE America, and I want to work to make America better... not run away.. If I had been Snowden.. I would have contacted Ron Paul,, or Ralph Nader.

So why then is THIS story news?

I am not IGNORing the connection, I believe what was revealed between the link is going to materialize with USA Treaties with the UN.. as are going to become ONE with the UN in the name of treaties, and what Snowden has done (what MSM has done in the name of Snowden) is shown ME that.. the rest of you seem to see a hero, and if global government under the UN is what you actually want.. congratulations. It is not what I wanted. I can accept it.. I can adapt.. but It's not restoring the constitution or giving us rights.. it's losing them TO ME.

When you say I name call... I'm thinking you are refering to THE SPIGOT.. that was not an original idea of mine, but I felt that Greenwald is nothing but a SPIGOT and earned that one.. and Snowden being called Snowjob was because to me.. this was controlled MSM

Thank you for the link, I will check it out.

May I suggest you be the keeper of your own time and what is a waste? It's something I don't really get with this new DP.. why we are the value keepers of other's time? It's what the military dose. Why is it here?