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Quite a bit of assuming

going on, on your part. First assumption, is that they did something illegal. Obviously they didn't, because she said they didn't. After she said they were free to go, she attempted to get more info out of him, information that he had no obligation to give her unless he was in some sort of trouble requiring a detainment. So before answering her question, he did the right thing by seeing if he was in a position where he needed to provide her with any answers...hence the "am I being detained?". And, another assumption is that people can "disrespect" painted lines on the floor, as if that's why she approached them. She said she approached them because they were leaving when she came,(which some how is suspicious), then she claimed they had a rash of stolen rental cars recently on the property. Ok, that's cool. I would have showed her my paper work too, just to refute the claim. But the idea that she can talk to them, after her assumptions were proven wrong, in the manner that she did, if she was my employee she would be suspended and then forced to take a CUSTOMER SERVICE course before she could return. Because obviously they weren't the tattooed thugs she thought they were, and in my book if your not causing any harm in my place of business your a potential customer. She was flat out wrong, through and through.

What say you my fellow countrymen?! Onward!!! TO LIBERTY!!!