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I will try to explain

It is no coincidence that the 16th and 17th Amendments were enacted during the same time the Fed was created. The 16th Amendment created the income tax. It was needed because the Constitution our Founding Fathers wrote prohibited an income tax. The income tax collected goes entirely to the privately-owned Federal Reserve, which then loans that money back to the American taxpayers at interest. This scheme took the power to create money and credit away from Congress and handed it over to a privately-owned cartel of foreign banks. The 17th Amendment took the power to appoint Senators away from the states and handed it over to the moneychangers who buy public elections. Why did the Founding Fathers create a bicameral legislature? The House of Representatives, elected by popular vote, is to represent We the People. The Senate, appointed by the state legislatures, is to represent the sovereign States. But the 17th Amendment turned Senators into simply Congressmen with bigger districts. This was done by the globalists to eliminate State's rights. The duties of the Senate and House of Representatives are different, as enumerated in the Constitution, but direct election of Senators makes the two branches of the legislature essentially one branch, run by whoever funds the candidates. By repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments, the States regain their sovereignty, and the Federal Reserve loses its income stream.