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This is an extremely

This is an extremely important topic. All parents with children are at great risk of government kidnapping by CPS goons. This is the thin edge of the wedge of intrusive, extrajudicial and unconstitutional interference into family authority and autonomy. There are 10s of thousands of families in every state that have had their kids snatched and that are compelled to sign away their rights under duress and false promises. Social workers lie and fabricate evidence and force parents into 'plans' that they cannot complete or complete and still are barred from return of the kids. Many of these parents get their rights terminated and the kids get adopted out.

If this is happening to you or anyone you know, please google the topic and also search on Facebook for groups that can help you. Do not sign anything, do not let the goons in your house and only minimally talk to them. Tell your kids not to talk to government strangers and teach them about their 5th amendment and miranda rights. The goons try to question them at the school - another 4th amendment violation that can be sued. Video and record everything (that is the only reason that Baby Sammy's parents were able to defeat their case so quickly and get the state to audit CA CPS.) It is very difficult to get a CPS lawyer because there are very few who specialize in that type of law ...5-8 in CA.

I think this is reaching a tipping point and I think the need by CPS to get more child-product into the pipeline to place in foster care and adopt out for money has begun to seep into the middle class and gaining attention among people who can do something about it. In California there is a prominent super-attorney who has successfully sued on behalf of families against CPS child snatching. He has found the loophole using federal law against mandated reporters and unconstitutional seizures. One of his cases netted 10.4 million dollars in Orange County. Another was 1.4 million in Kern County. He is trying to inspire parents to sue pro per (because there are not enough attorneys to take on these cases) in order to teach CPS and the counties to back off of unconstitutional child snatching. It is a fascinating topic because it is all happening under the radar, social workers and mandated reporters are acting over zealous and maliciously because they are confident in their immunity but luckily there are cases prevailing against immunity. I am studying it and waiting for the media and the public to catch on.

Remember, if you or your family have kids under 18 you could be next. You do not have to abuse or molest to get the kids only need a false allegation made anonymously by someone with a gripe against you or by an over imaginative mandated reporter and then you are caught up in the hellish process of defending yourself against a negative to an extrajudicial bureau with a lot of power and resources to take you down.

Sad thing about this guy in the video is that if his daughter had not been viscously murdered he might never have gained custody back because she is the perfect product for them to send from foster care into adoption (where they get more $$$$.) It is heart breaking what happens to these kids. Once they get put in foster care they are 6x more likely to be truly abused than they are in the home they were removed from. Most kids in foster care are molested and some are beaten. Government supervision is not safe for anyone - it is very dangerous in all ways. To me this is one of the biggest issues of the day...yet it is almost entirely hidden from view...and no one wants to take away the lucrative funding scheme that can help 'abused children' that is the impetus for all the systemic abuse of innocent families and innocent children.