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Morals are NOT dictated.

Morals are chosen. Every individual chooses his own set of morals, including the standard upon which his moral code is based. In addition to the many different religious standards (of which YOURS is the only true and correct one, speaking of arrogance . . .) many different non-theistic philosophies set forth different moral systems. Even statism is a moral system, in its own right. Everyone judges good and evil according to their own moral standard.

There is no homogenous "atheist worldview." Atheism is not, in itself, a moral system. Atheism is merely the lack of belief in a god -- a non-principle which provides no moral guidance whatsoever. When a person tells you he is an atheist, that tells you only what he does NOT believe -- it tells you nothing about what moral principles he DOES believe in. Your assertion that an atheist can have no moral standard is absurd. His own life and well being can be such a standard. Hedonistic pleasure can be such a standard. The welfare of his family, community, nation, or the whole natural world may be such a standard. Affinity for some particular philosophical principle can be such a standard. Lots of choices.

The Golden Rule is a particularly logical standard, in that it provides a code of conduct which can minimize conflicts among people of many different moral systems. When coercion is proscribed, people tend to live longer, happier lives. That makes it advantageous for everyone -- and the reason it does so has nothing whatsoever to do with "God said so," your personal moral standard.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose