Comment: To the Russian People

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To the Russian People

John McCain does not speak for me.

To most Americans who are paying attention, it is obvious that the United States is transitioning from a free and open society, to an Orwellian nightmare state of epic proportions. What used to be a beacon for freedom, is now infected with a cancer. John McCain IS but one of the countless tumors that are contributing to the death of this republic. John McCain has no honor, and his allegiance is to those with money and power. Regardless of why the Russian Government granted Edward Snowden asylum, it was the right thing to do. It is a relief to this American Veteran to know that Russia still has the balls to stand up to America, and show the world that they can and will protect those who need to be protected (regardless of motive.) I fully and completely understand the human rights record of the Soviet Union and present day Russia--but in THIS case your country showed that it can do the right thing. Anyone who would question my loyalty to the USA, is nothing more than a sheep, troll or just plain closed minded. It is funny to watch a tyrant have a temper tantrum isn't it? Peace....oh and Ed Snowden and Glenn Greenwald....THANK YOU!!!!!

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