Comment: I couldn’t help but notice

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I couldn’t help but notice

the background image of the eagle and it got me thinkin’…

The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States of America and also appears on its Great Seal. However, the eagle is a bird of prey and is also one very large and fierce raptor (from the Latin word rapere - meaning to seize or take by force.)

Although the eagle is a very fitting symbol for the tyrannical US Federal government, it tends to distract when used as a backdrop for Dr. Ron Paul’s message of “peace, love, and liberty”. The rendering of the eagle hanging behind the good Doctor in this video makes T-Rex look like a cute family pet! Of course, those are just my observations…

Apart from the background distraction, I really enjoyed hearing Dr. Paul speak again. Just as a single small candle eliminates darkness, every snippet of truth gnaws away at evil. Keep up the good work, Dr. Paul!