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They are slow learners.

Your steps #1 to #5 (reserve: excluding #3, if not done by the principal interested) are nothing but "voluntary charity".

It's been around for thousands years, at the level of family cells, relatives, and self-conscious peaceful communities of people willing to help each other during hardship, be the latter natural or not.

This also relates to that otherwise easy-to-grasp, not-so-abstract concept, called "human compassion". Observably, usually accessible to the 3 or so year-old, at the latest, and on average (to start with the feeling, anyway).

Because no more than they are born perfect angels, humans are not born, either, to live at the antipodes of society.

But, socialism-friendly liberals don't want to hear about that.

They want "force" instead. "Laws". "Plans".

They want "force" to allow themselves to take whatever they deem necessary from whomever, for how long, and for whatever plans they dream of, and for the entire society.

You know, the society they want to deem "fair".

They probably think they are the chosen angels to care for all of mankind. Who knows.

Anyhow, Good luck with them.

Read: be patient. Very patient. Before they understand(**) it only leads to injustice, absurdities, and atrocities, sooner or later, unavoidably.

They are slow learners.

Sooo very very very very slow...

Are they not :


(**) Frederic Bastiat, on "intermediates"

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