Comment: What does having to be a delegate have to do with Snowden?

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What does having to be a delegate have to do with Snowden?

Being you are a delegate, I assume, because I don't KNOW, that you became a delegate because Ron Paul asked you.. now maybe you were in the GOP already.. I don't KNOW. But if you were like me and became a delegate because Ron paul asked you, then you KNOW, that MSM censpred Ron Paul, censored what was happening.. you KNOW MSM shows us ONLY WHAT THEY WANT US TO KNOW. Correct?

Based on this alone.. we only KNOW what MSM wants us to KNOW. Why would MSM want us to KNOW about Snowden? (the little we do KNOW, and that's NOT much!)

If you have been on DP for any length of time, you have witnessed many posts WARNING YOU about spying. Now maybe they didn't say NSA.. ok.. fair enoigh, though NSA has been around for decades and MORPHED (<- important to understand that NSA changes with the times), posts have been made about Google, Ebay, Tweet, MySpace, Facebook.. how may here do NOT have a facebook account for this reason? GPS, cell phones.. if you are a DP member for any amount of time to THINK that you are not being tracked, that DP isn't being read/watched by NSA (FOSA or whatever.. all we hear about who is "on the list" RON PAUL SUPPORTERS, Tea Party, Oath Keeprs.... So is this really NEW to anyone here?

OK.. some say. well no Granger, it's not new but NOW it is CONFIRMED. OK.. are you going to do anything different? Going to leave DP? NO.

So how does any of this add up to Snowden being a hero?

Now the masses KNOW.

Uh huh. And so what's the big deal about the masses knowing? Will the masses stop ebay, google, tweeting... NO

So why is snowden a hero?

I think he meant well. I really do. But I also think he was misled.. I don't think this was his original idea. Why would he choose Greenwald? Why not Ron Paul? Why not Rand or Wyden or The Judge or Ben Swann or Glenn Beck?

I don't recall any posted articvle about Greenwald.. I'm sure there was a few about his lame counter points FOR Ron paul in teh liberal rag Salon.. but Greenwald wasn't flying any blimps for Ron Paul.

Greenwald's sexual orientation really is nothing I care about.. what Andrea Mitchell brought up is that Greenwald would NOT BE FREE in Russia for his sexual orientation. Why is he supporting Russia when Russia would NOT support him?

And what's really bad about this interveiw IMO is how Greenwald says Snowden KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING and SACRIFIED HIS LIFE (Fredom).

It reminds me of the corporate contract.. A bad deal that they say, "You do understand?" When your mind is focus on what GOOD is to happen, not what bad.

I think Snowden is in a BAD place in Russia. He is NOT free. I don't believe life is good AT ALL for him, and Greenwald is VERY defensive, scared to come to the USA (he lives in Rio because he hates the USA).. and I think his personal life is sucking, because MSM TELLS US WHAT THEY WANT US TO KNOW.

This has been a MSM event from the get go.. it has taken our eyes off what's happening.. Obama is signing treaties with the UN to take our rights away