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Comment: She seems to be saying

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She seems to be saying

that global fiat currencies are about to collapse, but that everything will be ok, because in the transition, the money cabal will be overthrown, because they're exposed, and corrupt, and lawmakers around the world, including the 188 member countries of the world bank, the US Congress, and Governors and Attorney Generals of the states, will have to choose rule of law. They're "on the hook" to uphold law, and it's what they want.

So she says we've won, the crooks are going down, and a global reset is imminent (within days?). There are many whistleblower groups, and they are playing a role. Don't pay attention to the captured media. The alternative media is too negative. Violence isn't necessary, don't fall prey to incitement.

Is that about right?

There was another fellow recently describing closed door planning, saying when all of the debt is reset, new currency would be issued based on social security standing, which isn't too bad an idea, he said, because its a gauge of how much some one has worked.