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This is the comment I was refering to:

"to kill israelis,then why aren't they dead?
gods hand?

I don't think so, when them hebrews whined and cried for a king like the other nations had,god told them they were on their own,they would get kings they didn't want,they would be treated badly,and he wouldn't/wasn't going to help them,until they changed their hearts and minds,and to this day,they haven't changed,they are just as proud and haughty as they have been
from the description of them in the old testament.
here is some light reading for you"

I was responding to this comment to Granger, you made.
As for the quote in your following comment, as I said, you are jumping to a conclusion based on half-truths, and partial-evidence. You are not including many other passages (which includes yours) and the entirety of the Old and New Testaments that support my position.

Since when is "everlasting covenant", not forever?

What does "For the sake of the remnant shall My people be blessed", mean?

When Jesus said "I have come not to change one iota of the Law, but to fulfill it", what was he talking about?

What about "those who bless Israel I shall Bless, and those who curse Israel I shall Curse"? How are you interpreting that one?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?