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Comment: "Anti-Semitism" in a nutshell

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"Anti-Semitism" in a nutshell

"I'm a Jew; I'm better than you.
YOU don't agree???
"ANTISEMITE," you HATE me!!!"

"You can never wear out the 'Jew card.'"
Albert Brooks, "This is 40" (2013)

Hitler wiped out a lot of people, not just Jews.
He started with the handicapped and Gypsies.
Stalin and his Jewish Bolsheviks wiped out even
more White Russians.

If it were not for Hitler and the Haavara Agreement,
there would very likely not be a modern Israel.
Unless Zionists get over themselves, Israel may
not be around much longer.

'Kissinger said Israel won't exist in 10 years'

After all, the NWO has managed to convince 40% of the world's Jewish population to live in two locations, Israel and New York City. These are tiny, densely populated areas easily within the "kill radius" of the largest thermonuclear bomb.

The Zionists sacrificed millions of observant, but anti-Zionist Jews, then exploited the deaths for their own advancement. Remember the old song, "Whatever you do comes back to you"? Well, stand by, because Kissinger's words, whether they are true or not, are very likely prophetic.