Comment: I volunteered I followed

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I volunteered I followed

I volunteered I followed direction and I became a delegate because of that. You brought it up like it afforded some sort of street cred.

In regards to greenwald I could care less of his motivations, contrived or actual. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Snowden should come home?!? He would really be free then? "NO!" So you agree with the charges against him?

As far as being monitored goes shall I stop communicating because I'm probably being watched? You go first.... Will the masses stop communicating and commercing? Well the question is obviously rhetorical, but it doesn't mean that they are not pissed.

What you know and what I may know is not what joe public knows, so I'm greatful for the conversation being pushed mainstream. I'm greatful the senators and congressmen who claim to have known about this, but were gagged by secrecy can now begin to fight it even if there is an uphill battle.

The mainstream media televises this story because they attempt to control the dialogue, and they have to talk to Greenwald because he broke the story, and he does superb job in my opinion of poking numerous holes in their "surrender liberty for safety" propaganda.