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It's not secret creed

It's what you had to do if you really wanted Ron Paul to win the nomination, and apprently many here who bleet Ron Paul didn't want him to win the nomination so they didn't even try to become delegates.

You could careless about his motivations? Do you care about anyone's motivations? Why?

What makes you think he is free in Russia? Sitting in an airport for over a month is being free to you? He knows he broke the law, so yes, I agree with the charges against him. I also think if he were here, because what he did best was proove Obama is a liar, that Americans would back him and he would be pardoned and the real criminals would face charges.

I'm not worried about NSA spying. To me, NSA spying is not a big deal. Obama lying about it is a BIG deal.

MSM does control the dialogue. That's a fact.

Snowden should return to the states, accept the charges against him and find the American people are on his side and there to help him.