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Comment: I hate to sound like a collectivist herd follower

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I hate to sound like a collectivist herd follower

If a candidate such as you describe announces his/her candidacy and really starts making waves and starts gaining credibility then I will be happy to jump on. If Nancy Mace is a substandard candidate but I perceive that she has a chance and the candidate you describe does not... I will support Nancy Mace despite her being a substandard candidate. I know this community has gone against the grain and surmountable odds backing Dr. Paul. That movement was very important and made a great statement, but we failed to get him elected. The difference here is that getting Lindsey Graham out of office is a VERY VERY doable reality and it is very important that this happens. If Graham gets his fat @ss thrown out of office it will make a huge statement in that the grassroots voice will grow and will help set the tone for 2016.